This collection is about more than furs. It's nostalgic. The Fancy Success Fur Collection is inspired by our founder's favorite aunts and mom. As a little girl growing up in Detroit, she vividly remembers watching the women in her family dress up in their finest furs. She wanted to bring that same effect to her generation, as a result The Fancy Success Furs was established on October 15th 2017. 

Furs have always represented luxury and class as they are timeless investment pieces that will never go out of style. With the Fancy Success, you will have the autonomy to customize genuine 100% Fox Fur pieces in any color and any size.  Customized pieces makes your fur special and unique. Your Fur Your Way. 

Our founder earned her doctorate degree in 2021 and is trained to only retrieve facts and materials from primary sources. She did the same with the Furs for The Fancy Success She went straight to the source. Your fur will be customized and handcrafted by the finest artisans in Europe, which is home to the most prominent luxury fashion power houses. 

Our prices are affordable because our pieces are manufactured directly in Europe, there is no middle man (or woman). Our pieces are custom because they are designed in America and customized in Europe. You get to choose your color and size. Our furs are of luxurious because they are made with the highest quality of furs sourced in Finland and Norway and undergo strict quality control measures before they are  used to construct your fur garment. Treat yourself to a special piece that will last a lifetime. 

Love Fancy